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Biomass Energy


  • Animal Residues
  • Forestry Crops
  • Industrial Waste
  • Agricultural Crops
  • Landfill Waste
  • Sewage

How Does Biomass Energy Work?

Although there are various different forms of biomass energy in the terms of what fuel is used, the most common form being wood. When wood is burned heat is created which can then be used to generate steam which can spin turbines and in turn, produce electricity.

Although the majority of wood burnt will be in bulk sizes there are alternatives that can be used including; bark, sawdust, paper, wood scrap and wood chips. These can assist in the power needs of homes which have biomass systems installed in their domestic properties.

The complexity of how energy is created using a biomass system will be dependent upon the size and output that the system is capable of as well as the fuel source that the system uses. The process of how biomass energy works is very complex although there is an outline of what must happen when burning biomass fuels in order for heat or energy to be created:

  1. Burn fuel
  2. Create steam by heating water
  3. Use the developed steam to spin turbines
  4. The turbines then turn generators
  5. Energy is made


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